07 Causes of Hair Loss You Should Know

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Continuing with “Hair loss” topic, ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness will explain more about common and less common causes of hair loss before we provide you with suitable solutions in the next article.

Let’s find out what derive hair loss more than the usual with us!

According to dermatologists, there are 7 main reasons causing hair fall dramatically:

  • Telogen EffuviumHair fall at Telogen phase
  • Nutrition deficiency
  • Endorine imbalance
  • Drug usage
  • Infections
  • Special diseases
  • Malignancy

Telogen Effuvium

Telogen is also known as “winter sleep” in hair life cycle. Normally, hair stays in follicles even it does not have any nutitrion intake from blood cells. Approximately 10-15% of hair is in this phase at the same time in 2-3 months. However, when body routine has some sudden changes within 3 months prior, hair cycle can change and progress faster to this phase.

Fortunately, when hair falls at Telogen phase, follicles are reserved to nurture new hair.

Some variants of this type represents hair fall along hair line or vellus hair under 3cm, even there might be patchy (if it’s serious).

Nutrition deficiency

Keratin is a form of protein which is primary in hair. Therefore, when protein intake is not enough for the body demand, especiallly with Kwashiorkor (a form of malnutrition caused by protein deficiency in the diet, typically affecting young children in the tropics) or anorexia nervosa, hair loss easily occurs. Besides, hair color is also fader, thinner and a bit drier than normal.

On the contrary, if you consume vitamins more than your body needs, it also negatively affect the hair health. Excess vitamin A is a typical illustration. It might cause extreme hair loss.

In addition, nutritions here include diet supplements as well. It is reported that ingredients such as sildenafil, fluoxetine, phenolphthalein,... toxically influence hair. Though, some pharmacy companies still use these ingredients for their products. Please check carefully ingredients of your diet supplements.

Endocrine imbalance

Both male and female experience hair loss caused by endocrine imbalance; though, studies show that hair loss of men are more connected to this than women. Around 38% women enduring hair loss has elevated androgen level; and 20% of them do not experience virilizing signs.

Hair loss for endocrine imbalance has some patterns like that of telogen effuvium. Specifically, hair fall begins at hair line area and hair gets thinner and vellus. You might also recognize other companion signs on the skin like acnes, Seborrhoea, etc.

Thyroid excess and deficiency are also reported to cause hair loss or alopecia.

If you find any patchy or unusal hair loss along with skin problems, you should see the doctor/demartologist to define accurate causes. In case, your hair loss is derived from endocrine imbalance, it’s impossible to normalize hair fall frequency with popular consumer products.

Drug use

According to FDA (Food & Drug Administration of the US), hair loss is one of the most common side effects consumers reported. Some drugs influence follicle division, in other words, they boost hair cycle’s speed.

Mood-stablizers are proved to affect hair loss most significantly; unfortunately, its mechanism to make hair fall is not clarified.


4% of treponema pallidum patients at the 2nd phase experience extreme hair loss. It can be hair diffuse or patchy or combined both types.

There are some other bacterial infections leading to hair loss too, for example: HIV, hepatitis, varicella, etc.

Special diseases and malignacy

An usual side effect of special diseases and malignancy is hair loss. It’s because the treatment requires strong antibiotic which easily impact on hormone balance and body routine. As a result, hair life cycle is varied.

If you find abnormality of your hair fall frequency, do not rush on looking for products advertised to be hair loss treatments. Let find out the real cause of it with doctors or experts then choose the safest and most reliable solution.

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