Hair Quizz for Men: What Does Your Hair Tell About Your Personality

Hair Quizz for Men: What Does Your Hair Tell About Your Personality

A haircut is one of the most important parts of one's image on the first meet. It can reveal a lot about the person choosing it. After all, nobody chooses a new haircut without any reason, right? Thus, what are the secrets behind each haircut? Let's find out about it with ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness through the article today. It is "Haircut Personality: What Do Males’ Hairstyles Reveal About?". 


Elegant Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour haircut can reveal a man's personality. Source: Pinterest 

This is a hairstyle that is cut close to the sides and back with the bangs drawn backward with gel or wax. Those who style their hair this way often love the modern, youthful, dynamic but no less classic and elegant. This elegant Pompadour hairstyle is quite complicated and requires meticulous care, so people who love it are described as elegant, classic or successful young men.

 Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut was very popular from the 1920s to the 1940s and also during the 2010s. Up to now, this male hairstyle still proves its strong attraction to the gentlemen.


Undercut hairstyle represents the boys’ jealousy when being in love. Guys who choose this hairstyle tend to like to show their importance. Strong, assertive, extremely funny and bright are also the words that can be used to define these gentlemen. 

Man Bun Artist Hairstyle

Man bun is difficult to care for and style; usually, people raise and tie their hair to reveal the angular part of the face and beard. People who like this hairstyle often have an artist's mind, love freedom, and are not attached or constrained. They do not follow the usual way of life and just do whatever they love and want.

Mohican Modern & Simple Hairstyle

Mohican is a variation of undercut with a neatly trimmed bang and a high slope cut on the sides hair. This hairstyle creates a feeling of being both modern and simple; moreover, it does not need to be too elaborate. Perhaps, this explains why active, enthusiastic males love the Mohican hairstyle. The haircut actually speaks for its owner’s personality! Specifically, men with Mohican hairstyle are highly competitive and extremely enthusiastic with the desire to achieve what they have set. 

Buzz-Cut Hairstyle

Buzz-Cut is a familiar haircut in the military. Therefore, men who are keen on this hairstyle are not cumbersome or flashy, and live realistically not frills. With a loyal and cold-hearted personality, they are often seen as emotionally rigid.

Long And Loose Male Hairstyle 

If you want to take care of this haircut, you should take note of these things. Let's trim your hair regularly, shampoo less often, condition more, and occasionally cut your hair! When you stop washing daily, you won't wash out the essential natural oil of your hair but let it shine through. Besides that, visit your barber every three months to chop off split ends, yet keep the overall shape intact. 

All the above is “Haircut Personality: What Do Males’ Hairstyles Reveal About?”. ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness hopes that you can find out something about yourself or your crush from this article. However, this article is just for fun so do not believe in it 100%. Just have fun and relax through this article!