05 Reasons Why Your Hair Grows Slowly

why hair grows slowly

Have you ever felt like your hair grow no inches after months or you have thrown money over the window for all kinds of hair mask and oil? If so, you should learn if you have any factors to stunt hair as below.

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Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal issues such as overactive or underactive thyroid and PCOS ( a disease develops when a woman has higher level of male hormones than needed) cause hair loss. However, when the imbalance is light, it might just affect hair growth, even make you feel like your hair stops growing for a long time. Typically, both underactive and overactive thyroid entail acetopia. It can start at a small area then spread and make baldness.

Nutrition Defficiency

According to Paul Labrecque – a celebrity hairstylist, hair growth is not much affected by the food we eat but what we do not eat. Specifically, some vitamins and nutrients play important roles in nourishing follicles and boosting hair growth. Based on a report of Dermatology Practical and Conceptual, a lack of irons, zinc, niacin, fatty acid, selenium, folic acid, antioxidants, biotin, protein, vitamin A, D và E might weaken hair and result in hair loss. Serious defficiency of particular one of the above-mentioned nutrients can be the reason why you hair is stunted.


Normally, follicle grow, rest and reset another growth cycle. However, people at serious stages of some disease like Pneumonia can experience hair stunting for a period of time. It is because effect of disease put all hair follicles under a “winter sleep”, hair stops growing for a while. This is called Telogenm Effluvium hair loss.

Hair Miniaturization

In fact, aging entails hair thinning and slow growth. Though, hair miniturization seems to be affected most by gene. The deeper follicle is, the longer hair can grow. When you have this disease, hair can not grow much; and when the hair is long, its color is faded and prone to break.


It is a no brain fact everyone know that hair is damaged and more breakable when you style it with or without tools time over time. Even no heat styling like braids and pony tail can create pressure, damage hair and make it fall more than normal.

Last but not least, product leftover on headskin might stuck follicles and reduce hair growth speed.

Among the 5 common reasons stunting hair growth, do you find any of them match your problem? Please share with ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness your concern on your hair health. We are always here to listen and look for the best solutions for you.

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