2 Fundamental Notes for Scalp Skincare

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Hair is called the crown for a reason. However, it also requires meticulous work to maintain its glory, espcially the scalp skin.

Similar to face skin, due to daily sebum discharge and some other minor characteristics, scalp skin has several types. In this article, ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness will help you explore the most basic but indispensable for scalp care.

How to define your scalp skin type?

Knowing the scalp skin type is the key to create your ideal haircare routine. As above-mendtioned, daily sebum discharge amount is criterion to define  the scalp skin type. Specifically, we have 4 different types:

  • Oily skin: Skin produces so much oil that hair quickly get greasy and limp
  • Dry skin: Low capacity of natural oil on the scalp makes the skin tight, dry and easily flaky
  • Normal/balance skin: This is the so-called perfect type. The moist on scalp is sufficient for its daily need, no lack or excess.
  • Combination skin: Amount of natural oil produced is varied on each eara. This is normally caused by damaged/weak skin and overactive sebaceous glands. Specifically, glands absorb natural oil quickly that makes the skin oily but hair strands lack of moisture.

An ideal hair care routine, beside cleaning dusts and chemicals on skin and hair surface, has to balance skin pH and provide enough moisture without interupt normal sebum production.

How to care your scalp skin properly?

The routine basically include 2 parts: cleansing and treatment (eg. Moisturizing, damage restoration,..). However, the practical frequency applied for each skin type might be varied.

  • For oily skin

Extra oil on scalp skin can make buildups and ances, therefore, it’s recommended to cleanse your hair every day. In case, you can not fit hair washing in your schedule on a daily basis, you should apply dry shampoos as a quick solution.

Additionally, you should farewell leave-on products like hair oils or creams; instead that, invest in which contain AHAs, axits salicyclic and light harm-free acids to exfoliate and prevent build-up and acnes. Niaciamide is also a highly recommended  ingredient in hair care products for oily skin.

Image source: Paula's Choice

  • For dry skin

Before splurging on moisture enhancing products, you’d better figure out what cause dryness on your scalp skin and hair. Is it resulted from overactive ingredients in your current products or frequent hair styling activities?

After you know the major cause, you can switch to shampoos and treatments with moisture boost effectiveness, but start with light moisture level first and upgrade gradually. Beginning with a super hydrating products might make your hair “overdose” and initiate other issues for it.

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It’s essential to reduce cleansing frequency as to maintain natural oil hydrating scalp skin and hair roots. The ideal frequency is once every 2-3 days. Notably, if you usually stay in air-conditioned asmostphere, you should use humidifiers to avoiding drying your hair and skin.

Products containing oil, axit hyaluronic and aloe vera extract are recommended for dry scalp skin. In addition, taking fish oil is proved to be helpful for hair and skin imrpovement in at least 90-day term.

  • For normal/balance skin

Well, balance skin is a dream of any one. The care routine is not complicated, though, do not take it for granted. An inappropriateness in your daily care can affect sebum discharge and switch the skin type.

For normal skin, you should wash your hair with gentle cleansing shampoos once every 2 days. Especially, stay loyal to the products you find satisfied because any sudden change in hair care routine might cause issues like dandruffs, itchiness, etc.  

  • For combination skin

Taking care of combination skin scalp is a real piece of work. You should use gentle shampoo so that it can cleanse the dryest areas without cleaning all essential moist. Please provide moisture enhancing products for dry hair part but avoid directly apply the products on the hair root and skin.

Besides, there are special shampoos for scalp treatment to balance the skin and normalize sebum production. You can refer to the product below.

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Definding skin type and suitable care routine for it is the most fundamental base to build your own routine. Keep updated essential knowledge to maintain and improve “your crown”’s glory with ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness!