Order Instructions

Please take the following steps to purchase at ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness (https://etesaigon-hair-happiness.vn/).

Step 1: Add products to cart

When you have selected your favorite product, choose the quantity you want and click “Add to cart”.

Step 2: Proceed to purchase the products

Your shopping cart will appear, select "Close" if you want to continue shopping and select "Checkout" to switch to the payment window. 

Step 3: Fill in shipping information

At the checkout page, please fill in your personal information and correct shipping address to ensure the shipping can be completed. In addition, for first-time customers, we will contact them by phone number to confirm information.

After you complete filling the information, shipping cost will also be shown. Click "Next" to move on to payment methods.

Step 4: Select payment method

Choose your preferred payment method and check your order information for the last time before confirming your order on ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness.

To apply a promotional code, please click on the field "Apply Discount Code" and enter the code directly below. Discounted value will be deducted directly on “Order Summary” on the right side of the screen.

Step 5: Complete the purchase

After you click "Place Order", you have completed the purchase process. We will confirm as the image shown below, and also send an email to the mailbox you registered earlier.

If you do not see the confirmation letter of ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness in the main mailbox, please check “Spam” or “Advertising”. 

If you have any difficulty during the ordering process, please contact ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness for further assistance.

Contact information

  • Email: info@etesaigon-hair-happiness.vn.
  • Phone: +84909509547