Terms of Use


Welcome to our eCommerce website!

Ete Saigon eCommerce website https://etesaigon-hair-happiness.vn (in this article, we will call it “website” or “we”) is operated exclusively by Microad Joint Stock Company, which Ho Chi Minh Department of Planning & Investment issued the Business Registration Certificate number 0312080145 on 15/11/2012. Microad Joint Stock Company is located at Floor 1, Etown Central, 11 Doan Van Bo, Dist 4, Ho Chi Minh. When you access our website, it means you agree with these terms and conditions. The website has rights to edit, update or delete any terms anytime. Any modification has effect immediately after being aired on the website. If you continue to use our website after that, you also agree with our update. 

Please check Terms and Conditions regularly to stay updated with the latest modification. 

Using Instruction

To access our website, you have to be over 18 or under parental guidance or legal sponsorship. Please guarantee that you have full capability of legal civil acts according to Vietnamese Law. We also provide you with an official account to shop on our eCommerce website under the Terms of Use. You will have to register the account with your precise personal information and update it if there is any change later. Every user has to take full responsibility for their password, account and activities on our website. Besides, if you find any suspicious access or lose your account, please inform us immediately. You are fully responsible for any damage or lost, if you do not follow our terms of use. We will not take direct or indirect accountability. It is restricted to use any page or part of our website for a third party’s commercial purposes without our permission. If you violate any of our terms of use, we will delete your account without notice. 

Customer feedback

Every content, including customers’ comments and feedback, in our website is our property. If we discover any fake information, we will disable your account right away and execute legal actions (if necessary). 

Receive orders and price

For any technical or systematic reasons at any time, we have the right to reject or cancel your order. During order processing, we can ask for your phone number and address. We guarantee to provide customers with the most accurate information. However, there are defects sometimes. For instance, product price is not displayed accurately on the website, we will contact you to instruct a solution or cancel your order. We also have the right to cancel orders if you do not confirm or finish the payment.  

Change or cancel payment

In all cases, customers can cancel payment by contacting our Customer Service via hotline +84-909-509-547 or send us an email to order@etesaigon-hair-happiness.vn to inform us of the cancellation. 

Solutions for wrong information

Customers need to provide us with essential and correct information when purchasing at https://etesaigon-hair-happiness.vn. If you mistake information on our website, we can reject the purchase. Besides, in all cases, customers can unilaterally cancel their purchase after contacting our hotline +(84) 909509547 or inform us via email order@etesaigon-hair-happiness.vn. In case, wrong information is caused by us, we will take full responsibility and compensate for our customers. 

Trademark and copyrights

All content, information, graphic designs, software, images, videos, sounds, etc on our website are our property. They are protected by Vietnamese law and international copyrights and regulations. 

National Laws

Terms, conditions and content on this website is approved by Vietnam Laws. Vietnam Highest Court has all the right to solve any disagreement or conflict related to illegal use of this website.   

Privacy Policies

Our website https://etesaigon-hair-happiness.vn respects our customers’ information privacy, uses best practices to protect your personal and payment information. During the payment process, your information will be digitized for safety. You should log out your account after you complete the purchase. You can not use any software or tool to interfere in our system or change data structure. We seriously restrict propaganda or encourage illegal action to damage or attack our system. Any individual or organization violates this regulation will be sued if necessary. We will protect your information in our security system, except for legal requirements.  

Payment Methods

You can use the following payment methods depending on your convenience.

Method 1: Ship COD

  • Step 1: Check products’ information
  • Step 2: Confirm your order (via hotline or on our eCommerce website) 
  • Step 3: Pack and ship products
  • Step 4: Receive order and pay in cash

Method 2: Pay via VNPay gateway

  • Step 1: Check products’ information
  • Step 2: Fill in delivery information
  • Step 3: Pay 100% value of the order (customers will be informed after complete the payment)
  • Step 4: Pack and ship products
  • Step 5: Receive products