Top 2 Best Haircare Sets to Prevent Hair Loss at ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness

best products for hair loss prevention ete saigon hair happiness

We have exlpored primary causes for hair loss and some potential solutions in previous weeks. In this article, ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness will continue with recommendations of best products for hair loss prevention, currently in-stock at our online store.

Let’s find out why the below-mentioned sets are highly reviewed by our customers and experts.

Plarmia Scalp Balancing Set

Plarmia is not so familiar with Vietnamese consumers; however, quite favorite by Japanese women. This brand is a sub brand of the well-known Milbon group, to bring professional products with more affordable price to different customer ranges.   

The Plarmia Balancing set includes products for each step of a basic hair care routine like balancing soap and conditioner to so-called extra steps in the routine such as treatment and hair mask. The set focuses on anti-aging and reenergizing scalp because healthy scalp, healthy hair.

To serve its purposes, Plarmia makes the set with the best nourishing ingredients and also the one of a kind protein CMADKTM (CarboxyMethyl Alanyl Disulfide Keratin) inherited from Milbon group. CMADKTM can magically restore and strengthen hair.

Hair Mask Balancing Scalp Pack - HSD: 11/2023

Milbon Plarmia Balancing Scalp Pack moisturizes the headskin and stablize the scalp. 

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It’s the best if you have a budget to cover the entire a set. Though, if it’s a little tight, no problem, you can mix one item from the set with your current hair care products. This might be a hard math for you, dont bother contacting ETE, we are more than happy to help you.

Professional Milbon Purifying Set for Scalp

Scalp, as a mainland, nourishes and protects hair from outer factors. Therefore, when it comes to hair loss resolutions, ETE highly recommend you professional products for scalp which have got great feedbacks of our real customers.

This set can be minimal to 2 products including Purifying Gel shampoo and Hydrating Treatment. Scroll down to know why these 2 products are a perfect match for each other.

Purifying Shampoo has gel texture, easily gets in follicles to discharge toxic chemicals left from hair styling and outside environment and provides scalp with nutrient to grow hair. Though, the purification might make scalp a bit dryer than usual, that’s why it’s more suitable for normal to oily scalp. In case, you still want to use this shampoo for your dry scalp, you surely need to use conditioner or moisturizing products in the following steps.

On the contrary, Hydrating Treatment is created with thick cream texture which consists of various moisturizing ingredients. You can feel the magic of it after one time using. Just kindly note that even if your scalp is dry, you should not use the treatment directly on the skin to avoid buildups and acnes. You should put the cream on to hair strands, 3 cm away from the hair roots and scalp and spread along hair shafts.

To prevent hair loss best, you should use the whole set. However, with a tight budget, you can be selective about the product you want to add on your daily hair care routine. Do not hesitate to contact ETE for support!