How to reduce hair loss effectively?

How to reduce hair loss effectively?

Previously, ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness shared 7 major causes of hair loss. In this blog, we will continue with best solutions for each cause.

First and foremost, we have to say that it’s impossible to prevent hair loss completely because hair fall naturally relates to Exogen phase of hair life cycle. Therefore, if the number of hair fall is from 50-100 strands per day, it’’s totally healthy.

However, when the hair loss is excessive, patchy or sometime patchy and combined with skin scrubs, you should see the doctor to figure out the core reasons and begin with suitable treatment.

With 7 causes of hair loss ETE shared previously, it’s clearly that we only can deal with some of them which derive from endocrine imbalance, nututrion deficiency or excess and drug use. Other reasons entaling with diseases need to be consulted about by demartologists or doctors.

Let’s find out the best solutions for hair loss!

Malfunction in Exogen Phase

It is reported that malfunction in Exogen Phase is caused by abnormality in the body circulatory system which derives from sudden changes in usual body routine within 3 month prior to the phase. Therefore, to adjust it to back to normal, you should consider a healthier and more stable routine.

This can be quite theoritical but true that the body’s health is essential for development of every body component, including hair. Here are some tips for a moderate routine you should consider:

  • Sleep early and in schedule – You can arrange the schedule but make sure you will have already slept tight at from 11pm to 2 am.
  • Sleep sufficiently from 6-8 hours/day – Due to age and personal preference, an adequate sleep varies. Therefore, you should check which duration of sleep brings you the most energy for the day after.
  • Work out frequently – Working out stimulates a stable circulatory system.
  • Provide enough water and nutrition for your body

After maintaining a stable routine within 1-3 months, you will see positive results not only for your hair but also your whole body and health.

Nutrition Intake Imbalance

To know what nutrition your body is deficient of, you need a throughout check at health clinics or hospital. From the detail result, you will know what and how you can balance the nutrition intake for your body. And you should be patient when it comes to hair loss reduction. It takes time.

P.s, do not forget to have a healthy lifestyle too!

Endocrine Imbalance

Endocrine abnormality is often caused by daily routine or showned as signals at some certain ages, especially women at menopause or pregnacy. Except for imbalance derived from routine changes, you have to see the doctors for treatment advices.  

Please head back to 1 and 2 for more advices on rebalance your daily routine as to adjust your endocrine level back to a healthy mode.

Besides, you can consider to stimulate hair growth at the same time. There are intake products such as fish oil, organic spay ones like grapefruit extract or homemade hair masks to help you with this.

In conclusion, to improve your hair, first and foremost, you need to ameliorate your health and then continue with further solutions.

ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness is always ready to listen to your sharing and accompany you to have the hair of your expection.

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