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  1. Causes of dandruff

    Surprising Causes to Dandruff You Never Think Of

    Dandruff not only makes people feel uncomfortable with the itchiness, but also takes away their confidence owing to the flakes.

    Tags: / repair / hair damage
  2. Hair changes with age

    How Does Your Natural Hair Change With Age?

    As we age, our entire body including the hair has to go through many changes. Between the age of 25 and 40, our hair’s natural aging process begins.

    Tags: / hair damage / hair aging
  3. Hair care mistakes make hair drier

    Top 4 Hair Care Mistakes Making Your Hair Drier

    Your hair is not perfect as you expect, no matter how hard you have taken care of it. Sadly, your hair care routine is possibly the reason for hair imperfection. Please take a look to see if your routine includes any common mistakes below! 

    Tags: / hair damage / hair care
  4. Causes to hairloss

    6 Causes To Hair Loss That Not Everyone Knows

    Alopecia, known as hair loss, can affect both your scalp and your entire body. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent depending on what the cause is.It can be the result of heredity, hormone, medical conditions or just a simply normal part of aging.

    Tags: / hair loss / hair damage
  5. pimple on head

    Annoying Pimples On Head Skin: Causes, Treatments And Preventions

    Scalp acne has an impact on millions of people. It occurs when your hair follicles are blocked, inflamed or infected. In today's article, ETE Hair Happiness will help you find out why pimples are formed on your head skin as well as how to treat and prevent them from occurring.

  6. hair breakage care

    Your Habits Are Possibly The Causes Of Hair Breakage

    Hair breakage happens for various reasons, and your hair care routine is possibly among those. One fact is that not all hair caring and styling methods benefit our hair.

    Tags: / hair breakage / dry hair
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