Frequently Asked Questions

Order & Payment


Can I cancel my order before receiving the product?
Can I pay when receiving the product?
If I buy the product in bulk, will I get any special price?
How do I know if the product is in stock or out of stock?
What are the risks if I order online?
I would like to know how to contact Customer Service and when to be able to consult a client.



How do I pay for the door to door shipping fee?
I am in the province, how long will I receive the goods?
How can I get the delivery schedule?

Return & Exchange product


What are ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness's regulations on product return and exchange?
How long will I receive my exchanged item back?
What are manufacturer’s faults?
Can I exchange for new products or refund?
How can I exchange products?
Can I exchange goods because of the wrong size or wrong product?
I have purchased goods, can I be exchanged if I am not satisfied?
I chose the COD payment option, but when the item arrives, can I refuse to receive it?