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  1. why hair grows slowly

    05 Reasons Why Your Hair Grows Slowly

    Have you ever felt like your hair grow no inches after months or you have thrown money over the window for all kinds of hair mask and oil? If so, you should learn if you have any factors to stunt hair as below.

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  2. How to reduce hair loss effectively?

    How to reduce hair loss effectively?

    Previously, ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness shared 7 major causes of hair loss. In this blog, we will continue with best solutions for each cause.

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  3. Causes of dandruff

    Surprising Causes to Dandruff You Never Think Of

    Dandruff not only makes people feel uncomfortable with the itchiness, but also takes away their confidence owing to the flakes.

    Tags: / repair / hair damage
  4. Hair changes with age

    How Does Your Natural Hair Change With Age?

    As we age, our entire body including the hair has to go through many changes. Between the age of 25 and 40, our hair’s natural aging process begins.

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  5. Hair care mistakes make hair drier

    Top 4 Hair Care Mistakes Making Your Hair Drier

    Your hair is not perfect as you expect, no matter how hard you have taken care of it. Sadly, your hair care routine is possibly the reason for hair imperfection. Please take a look to see if your routine includes any common mistakes below! 

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  6. curly hair care

    Treat Your Curly Hair Right With These Simple But Best Tips

    Due to the curvy nature of hair, the natural oil has a harder time traveling from roots to ends. As a result, people with curly hair often experience low levels of moisture.

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