4 Phases in Life Cylce of Hair

4 Phases in Life Cylce of Hair

Hair loss has always been a worry for all women, especially who are over 20 years old. To help you with the concern, ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness is sharing a series of articles focusing on the topic “Hair Loss”.

Firstly, ETE will provide you with deeper understanding of natural hair growth and fall cycle or so-called hair life cycle in this article. Let’s start!

Anagen Phase – Growth Phase

In Growth Phase, follicle cells divide and develop new hair. During this time, hair grows the fastest among all 4 phases. Specifically, its length can increase around 2.5 cm per month; however, it might be a bit slower in winter.

The longer Anagen phase lasts, the faster and longer hair grows. On average, each hair actively develops within 3-5 years, 60 cm maximum. The Asian is blessed with up to 7 year length of this active phase.

At a time, 85% of your hair is at Anagen phase.

Catagen phase – Transition Phase

During transition phase, hair is no longer nourished by blood cells, and gradually weakened. Though, only 3% of hair is at this stage at once.

This phase lasts 10 days max.

Telogen phase

We call Telogen phase the “winter sleep” for hair. Hair which passes catagen phase stays still in follicles even it does not get any nutrition as if it waits for a regrowth at the next phase.

Normally, 10-15% of hair remains in telogen phase in 2-3 months.

Tới quá trình thoái triển, chân tóc “ngủ đông” trong nang tóc, dù không còn nhận được dưỡng chất để phát triển. 10-15% tóc ở giai đoạn này trong 2-3 tháng trước khi tóc rụng và tóc mới tái sinh, bắt đầu lặp lại một vòng đời mới.

Exogen Phase – Shedding phase

To this phase, hair starts falling off to spare the follicles for new hair to grow. This phase closes the previous cycle and begins a new one. This “regrowth” lasts for 2-5 months

Each hair is at a different phase from other hair at a time. Therefore, do not worry that all of your hair will fall in one time. A normal number of hair fall should be from 80-100 strands.

In case, you find unusual hair loss, you shoud check if there is any sudden change in your haircare routine, diet and lifestyle that affects hair growth cycle, then choose suitable solutions.

In next articles following up with “Hair loss” topic, ETE Saigon – Hair Happiness will provide solutions for hair loss and tips on stimulating hair growth. Please stay tuned!