Treat Your Curly Hair Right With These Simple But Best Tips

curly hair care

Due to the curvy nature of hair, the natural oil has a harder time traveling from roots to ends. As a result, people with curly hair often experience low levels of moisture. Together with ETE Hair Happiness, let’s find out how to treat your curly hair right with the tips below. 

1. Choose specialized products for curly hair

In order to keep your hair in the perfect curly shape, you should treat it with specialized products. The key is to choose the ones that are sulfate-free and alcohol-free, since these ingredients dry your hair out. Instead, use mild shampoo or low-lather conditioner. They will help you refresh your curly hair and scalp without stripping away too much essential oil. 


To be more specific, you should look for hair care products including:

  • Natural oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil. The coconut oil will soften the hair texture and make it shiny, while the almond oil soothes and moisturizes your scalp. Jojoba oil has the most advantages among those; because it not only keeps your hair moisturized, but also adds more nutrients and stimulates the scalp. 
  • Aloe vera is claimed to benefit our skin, hair and scalp. When having penetrated the hair follicles, aloe vera help to improve the damaged and dry condition of your hair. 
  • Keratin, according to experts, is the structural building block of our hair. What we can infer from that is the more keratin you provide your hair with, the stronger your hair is. Especially, people with curly hair report that their hair is less frizzy, easier to style after using keratin products.
  • Panthenol, also known as vitamin B5, occurs organically or is produced from both plant and animal sources. This chemical substance has the ability to soften and strengthen your hair. Moreover, it helps to protect your curly hair from styling or environmental damages by sealing in moisture.

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2. Use the pre-shampoo treatment

Pre-shampooing is the process of applying a treatment to your hair before actually washing it. The purpose of this method is to create a protective layer for your hair, since shampoo products strip essential oil during the cleansing process. Moreover, pre-shampooing softens, conditions and detangles any knots on your curly hair, so that you are able to wash your hair easily without causing damage to it.  

Remember to leave your hair dry and divide it into sections first. Next, use your fingers to separate the curls and apply conditioning oil to your hair thoroughly. Wait for at least 20 minutes for the product to do its job, then rinse it carefully with water; and now your curly hair is ready to be washed.

3. Do not over-wash 

Daily shampooing is not an ideal hair care routine for people with curly hair, because this type of hair is prone to being dry. Excessive hair washing opens up the cuticles and removes the natural oil produced by the scalp. Eventually, your curly hair ends up being drier and drier.

It is hard to know exactly how often you should cleanse your hair, as each person's hair texture is different from others. You need to experiment with a shampooing schedule to see what works best for you and your curly hair. You can start trying to wash your hair every other day or every 2 days. If you feel your hair too greasy in between your washing schedule, you can use dry shampoo as an alternative solution. 

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4. Apply conditioner

Conditioner is one of the most vital elements in keeping your curly hair strong and healthy. Choose a formula which is able to answer the needs of your hair. If it is dry, pick a moisturizing formula containing humectants such as glycol, glycerin or high-quality oil. If it is weak, treat your curly hair with a conditioner including silk amino acids or keratin to restore strength. 

Same as the pre-shampooing process, you should split your hair into sections to make sure that the conditioner is able to work thoroughly. One thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid the scalp when applying conditioner, because it possibly leads to pimples on your head skin. In other words, you should use this type of product on the strands only. Then, end this process by rinsing your hair rigorously with water. 

5. Go easy on heat styling tools

One fact that you may not know is that heat styling tools such as straightening irons, blow-dryers lead to hair breakage. If you are addicted to these appliances, try to afford the highest-quality ones. Look for those including ionic properties which are made with tourmaline or ceramic. In addition, consider adding a diffuser attachment onto these tools. It helps to minimize frizz by evenly distributing heat, limiting how much heat hits your hair. One last important thing not to forget is apply a heat protection product before using electrical hair styling tools. 

Curly hair tends to lack moisture and dry out easily. Therefore, you need to avoid stripping the essential oil from the scalp and treat your curly hair with specialized products. ETE Hair Happiness hopes that these 6 tips can provide you with a healthy, shiny and defined hair look.