Top 4 Hair Care Mistakes Making Your Hair Drier

Hair care mistakes make hair drier

Your hair is not perfect as you expect, no matter how hard you have taken care of it. Sadly, your hair care routine is possibly the reason for hair imperfection. Please take a look to see if your routine includes any common mistakes below! 

1. Hair washing habits

We usually underestimate shampooing since we consider this process as a straightforward hair care routine. In fact, according to researchers, wrong hair washing habits cause a huge impact on the health of our hair. Specifically, most of us tend to rub the hair a lot during shampooing; but it is actually a detrimental action to your strands.

Furthermore, the order you apply shampoo and conditioner affects your hair condition. You should clean your hair with shampoos before using conditioners in order to optimize their effects. Shampoo helps remove dirt and oil from our hair, but it leaves the hair rough, frizzy, and unmanageable. Applying conditioner after washing is claimed to solve this issue. Normally, shampoos have a pH balance of 8 to enable the hair shaft to swell and raise the cuticle layers. Meanwhile, deep conditioners have a pH balance of 3.5 - 6 to close the cuticle as well as seal in moisture. If you use them in the wrong order, their effects will decrease. Eventually, it leads to the result of dry hair. 

Lastly, using hot water for shampooing is among those common hair care mistakes of many people. Although hot water can offer you the feeling of comfort and relaxing, it is likely to strip the essential oils and moisture off your hair. Moreover, it leaves the scalp dehydrated,  and makes your hair frizzy and static post-wash.

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2. Blow-drying

One fact you may not know is that blow-drying your hair can damage and dry it out. Many of us view using hair dryers as a quick way to dry your hair after shampooing, but it is not doing any good to our hair. According to Dr. Michael Roizen, the chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic, our hair is stressed and broken under the extreme heat from hair dryers. 

No matter how often you treat your hair with blow-drying, the hair moisture always reduces by heat's effect. Therefore, it is ideal if you leave your hair air-dry. 

3. Inappropriate hair care products

Most people purchase hair care products which are not supposed to treat their hair due to the regular basis of advertisements or packaging. Each type of hair and scalp condition needs different products for regular use. If you choose the wrong ones, your hair will probably get drier and fall more regularly. 

Each of these hair care products needs to be used properly. For example, you should apply conditioners along the length of your hair strand, not on the scalp. Any mistakes you make are likely to cause your hair and scalp to be irritated. Therefore, understanding the purpose of hair products as well as how they are to be used plays a vital role in the hair caring process.

4. Heat from electrical hair appliances

Heat styling tools make your hair drier

Electrical hair appliances such as curling irons and straightening irons, offer us a pretty look, but they also cause us various damages. While using hair protectant products is recommended, there is no full-proof way to protect your hair from the damage of the heat from styling tools. Over-using them leads to dry hair, breakage and serious damage. You should only style your hair with these appliances in a measured manner and with adequate protective care to your hair on the sidelines.

Dry condition is one of the signs of hair damage. If you are susceptible to dry hair, you need to find out the solutions for it immediately. Otherwise, your hair can become brittle, which causes it to break or fray easily. Fortunately, most cases of dry hair are effectively treated with simple lifestyle changes.