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  1. why hair grows slowly

    05 Reasons Why Your Hair Grows Slowly

    Have you ever felt like your hair grow no inches after months or you have thrown money over the window for all kinds of hair mask and oil? If so, you should learn if you have any factors to stunt hair as below.

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  2. cham soc toc va da dau dung cach 2022

    2 Fundamental Notes for Scalp Skincare

    Hair is called the crown for a reason. However, it also requires meticulous work to maintain its glory, espcially the scalp skin.

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  3. remedies for itchy head-ete saigon hair happiness

    5 Home Remedies For An Itchy Scalp

    Have you ever got an itchy scalp, which is actually annoying? Here are home remedies for itching in the scalp. Let's ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness shows you 5 simple ways to try at home!

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  4. Volumize Your Thin Hair With Just These 4 Simple Hacks

    Volumize Your Thin Hair With Just These 4 Simple Hacks

    Thinning hair is one of the factors making you lose your self-confidence. Don’t worry! Just sit back, relax and let ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness help you! In today’s article, we are going to provide you with the top 4 hacks to volumize your thin hair whether it is natural or caused by aging.

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  5. basic essential hair tools - ete hair happiness 2021

    6 Tools That Sound Extra But Significant For Hair

    We all want to have hair done at the salon for the best result, so we can impress the other on the first look, right? Unfortunately, we do not have much time to have hair styled at the hair salon and the hair tools appear to help us quickly style at home. However, there are some tools that sound extra but significant for hair.

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  6. hair salon at home - ete hair happiness

    9 Healthy Products For Hair To Create Salon At Home

    Beautiful healthy shiny hair is a dream of many girls. To get that, you have to wash your hair less often and stay away from styling tools, which seem impossible because most of us have a big love for blow-dryers and curling iron. However, we can restore our hair back to being healthy and shiny.

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