Rock Every Christmas Party with These Runway Hair Trends 2021

Christmas hair styles 2021

Glitter, over-shining accessories, sparkle hairband, etc. It’s never better time for us –girls- to go for extra styling. Hence, be careful! If you fall too hard for the bling-bling temptation, you might lose its natural elegance.

Let’s learn from festive hair trends of high-end fashion houses to rock any party you attend!

  1. “Bow” it up

Old but gold – Creating a princess look with a little big bow (not too big, please!). You can style the bow with a half-up, ponytail or braids.

  • Pros: Easy and 100% pretty.
  • Cons: Sorry, we can’t find one.

Giambattista Valli


  1. Shine with accessories

This year, designers go back to iconic hair accessories such as crystal barrettes (Tom Ford), metal chain hairband (Balmain) or pearl embellishment (Andrew Gn). They balance the look by the simplicity of sleek or natural hair.

If you want to embellish your hair with fabulous accessories, please know the limit to keep it chic and trendy!


  1. Stay Sassy and classy like a lady

No matter how long the classic half-up have been seen on street style and runway, it never goes out of styles. Though, to bring the charm of holiday season to it, you can upgrade it with some dreamy curly fringe and a signature pair of earrings.


If you are going to a formal party, pearl earrings are perfect. In case you wanna rock a disco party, just wear bold hopper or hoop ones, from a lady, you will turn into a badass.

  1. Go wild with undone hair

You can let your creativeness take over with this hairstyle. Despite the freestyle, this hair requires a great taste of art to choose the right accessories and also the level of madness on your hair.

Good luck!


Hope you find some inspirations for your party hair from this blog! Please share with us the results.

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