Check Out The 9 Latest Celebrities’ Hairstyles On Instagram

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Due to the nature of work, most famous people transform their hair look every month or even have a new hair colour every week. Together with ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness, let’s have a trip to Instagram and find out these latest celebrities’ hairstyles that can possibly be your inspiration for the rest of this bright year.

1. Kaity Nguyen

Recently, Kaity Nguyen has just changed her hair into orange. Within this Instagram post, Kaity looks sweet but still sexy with her hair styled in a low bun. The way she sections her front hair into 2 parts helps to upgrade her hair look even more. 

Kaity Nguyen. Source: Kaity’s Instagram post

2. Linh Ka

If you have happened to know Linh Ka since she first became popular, the long black straight hair is typically her signature. In early 2021, apart from her hair colour, there is not much difference in the style of Linh Ka. She has just dyed her hair brown while keeping quite the same hairstyle as before. We have to admit that this new hair colour really enlightens her skin. 

3. Chau Bui

The new appearance of such a fashionista as Chau Bui has never let us down. As you can see from these images, Chau Bui has a significant transformation which is incredibly trendy. This light hazelnut brown balayage has just the right amount of warmth, volume, and depth; creating a messy but pretty look. 

Chau Bui. Source: Chau Bui’s Instagram post

4. Si Thanh 

Like other celebrities, Si Thanh welcomed the year 2021 by dyeing her hair light brown. Moreover, to enhance sexiness, she processed her hair slightly straight. From what we can see, her new-year transformation is pretty successful; as she has received many compliments from fans on Instagram. In overall, she looks like a princess who has just stepped out of a fairy tale.

Si Thanh. Source: Si Thanh’s Instagram post

5. Tran Quoc Anh

From the past few weeks, Tran Quoc Anh has just updated his new hair look on Instagram. Clearly, he has done some significant changes in the hairstyle and colour. A little bit of wavy style mixed with the currently trendy smokey moss green colour results in this stylish image of Tran Quoc Anh.

Tran Quoc Anh. Source: Quoc Anh’s Instagram post

6. Binz

Binz can be considered as a truly loyal fan of the slicked back hairstyle. In mostly every Instagram post of his, he looks handsomely gentlemen with the front hair slicked back perfectly. Lately, on a show, we can’t help noticing Binz’s new platinum silver hair. This fresh hair look really contributes to optimize his “bad boy” self-image. Perhaps because of all the compliments he has received from the netizens, he continuously keeps this hair colour.  

Binz. Source: Binz’s Instagram post

7. Decao

Decao is another famous fashionista who has over 950.000 followers on Instagram. Ever since he became popular, he has changed not only his clothing styles but also his hairstyles for like a thousand times. While updating those celebrities’ latest hairstyles, we are truly impressed by Decao. Not long ago, he came back with medium curly black hair which is one of the most trendy hairstyles worldwide for males. Within this post, he looks like those gentlemen back in the 80s. 

Decao. Source: Decao’s Instagram post

8. Lucy Hale

Through Lucy Hale’s latest posts, it is easy to see that she has just turned her hair into a light brunette. Not surprisingly, she once again nailed it! Along with the colour, her slightly wavy middle part hairstyle actually stole our heart. “GODDESS”, said Ashley Newbrough.

Lucy Hale. Source: Lucy Hale’s Instagram post

9. BlackPink Jisoo

As a “visual” of BlackPink, Jisoo always leaves her fans and non-fans talking about her sweetness. Since the debut day of BlackPink, Jisoo has not changed much except from leveling up her beauty with the typical Korean soft wavy hairstyle. The long black hair cut in layer extremely helps to boost her milky skin tone. 

BlackPink Jisoo. Source: BlackPink Jisoo’s Instagram post

Have you been inspired by any of the above latest celebrities’ hairstyles? If yes, don’t hesitate to direct us on Instagram for further consultings. With the most experienced experts, ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness is ready to brighten up your hair look into one of those star styles.