Milbon Nigelle Lafusion Review - Best Hair Spray In 2021

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Milbon Nigelle Lafusion Hair Spray is manufactured so as to help you easily styling your hair, especially with the stubborn hair strands around the hairline or fringe area. However, is it really effective and do all consumers feel satisfied about it? Let's take a look at the Nigelle Lafusion review by customers gathered by ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness

What Is Nigelle Lafusion Hair Spray?

All customers of  "Milbon Family” have known that Nigelle Lafusion Hair Spray is a product series that belongs to them. Its aim is to help styling hair easily, especially the stubborn strands at the hairline or fringe area. 

Lafusion Hair Spray is available in three items with the differences in its use as well as its ingredients. The first item of the Lafusion line is Nigelle Lafusion Light Fog. The second one is Nigelle Lafusion Stay Fog and the last one is Nigelle Lafusion Silky Fog. Let's take a clear review about each item of this Lafussion line. 

The Scent Of Lafusion Hair Spray 

There is no clear comment from customers about the scent of Nigelle Lafusion hair spray. It doesn't recall customers about anything as they have seen it as a treatment to keep hair in shape. However, customers also shared that the scent of Lafution is quite mild. At the same time, its scent does not make the others turn their emotion off if they catch up to some dislike smell. 

How Nigelle Lafusion hair spray performs

In the front, we have mentioned that Lafution has three items, so let's go through each item performance from customer's review! 

The first item is Light Fog. Light Fog is reviewed as a hairspray that adds volume to the hair. Customers also agree that it gives them the feeling of having gentle, bouncy hair. Beside that, they also share that their femininity and elegance can show out thanks to the beauty of their hair after using Light Fog. 

Lafusion Light Fog. Source: Milbon 

The second one is Stayfog, which is best reviewed as a styling spray that keeps hair hard and restrains from changes throughout the day. Customers are really satisfied with this product as it keeps their hairstyle exactly the way they did it. At the same time, they also admit that Stayfog helps them to maintain the beauty of their hairstyle as well as saving time styling.

Lafusion Stay Fog. Source: Milbon 

The last item is Silky Fog, which is evaluated as one of the most perfect hair spray to add hair shine and soften hair at the same time by customers. Its users have seen it as a useful product in keeping hair and enhancing the beauty of the hair color. 

Lafusion Silky Fog. Source: Milbon 

Nigelle Hair Spray Lafusion Price 

Three items of Lafusion are produced as a bottle of 175ml. With this kind of bottle, the price of each item of  Lafusion Hair Spray costs around $11.5. The user of this hair spray said that this was an affordable price. They agree that this is an average charge, not too expensive that they can not buy or not too cheap to make them consider to buy this product. Therefore, thanks to its affordable price and high efficiency, many Nigelle Hair Spray users review it very well. 


Overall, Nigelle Lafusion Hair Spray is reviewed as a wonderful choice. Three items in this product line are best believed and reviewed by many loyal customers of Nigelle. 

Thanks to these products, customers can make their hair look more healthy, shiny and beautiful. Beside that, thanks to Nigelle's condition technology, customers' hair can be conditioned and their hair color can be both protected and have a shiny look.

ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness hopes that this Nigelle Hair Spray Review can help you choose the best hairspray for you and it will be suitable with your hair. If you are finding a spray for your hair for a healthy and shiny hair look, three items of Nigelle Lafusion Hair Spray are obviously the most suitable for you!