Frizzy Hair: What Are The Causes And Treatments For It?

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Hair is the part which helps people attract others,  and a beautiful hairstyle makes oneself more confident. On the other hand, hair can also be the factor making a person lose his or her faith. Particularly, messy curly hair is the number one problem for mostof most people. What causes this condition? Are there any treatments for frizzy hair? Together with ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness, let’s figure out the answers for these questions. 

What are the frizzy hair causes? 

Frizzy hair or frizz is a situation when the hair cuticle layers are opened up. At that time, the moisture in the air is allowed to pass through; making the hair strands to be swollen. As a result, your defined and smooth hair is replaced by a dry and frizzy one. All in all, if there is a mess of hair at your top head, it will lead to frizzy hair.

Anyone can be in trouble with frizzy hair, and it is not easy to fight against it. Before planning what to do, you first need to figure out what the exact cause of your frizzy hair is. Apart from the inevitable factors such as weather or genes, below are 5 main reasons for this hair problem.

1. Water temperature 

When you take a shower, extra hot water can help you relax the most; but it is a harmful factor causing frizzy hair. The natural oils on your scalp help to moisturize and make your hair shiny. Without your recognition, hot water takes away these oils in the process of shampooing. Consequently, your hair becomes more frizzy and difficult to manage. 

Hot water makes hair dry and frizzy. Source: Aliqueen

2. Heat styling tools

Same as water temperature, heat styling tools can strip out the natural moisture of your hair. High-heat blow-dryers, flat irons or curly irons seriously damage your hair. For this reason, your hair will get drier, frizzier and more difficult to tame. 

Heat styling tools make hair frizzy. Source: YouTube

3. Overwashing 

Many experts have said that shampooing too much might make the hair dull as well as dried. It is mainly because of the rough foaming or the too-high PH level contained in the shampoo. Both two factors make the natural equilibrium of your hair messy and lead to breakable, frizzy hair. 

Hair gets frizzy because of overwashing. Source: Layla Hair

4. Unsuitable hair brush

There are many different kinds of hair brush; however, not all of them can suit your frizzy hair. No matter if your hair is curly or straight, you shouldn’t use sharp-teeth brushes or aluminium brushes; since your hair can be badly shredded. In addition, your hair becomes a heat conductor and more vulnerable to being frizzy. 

Not all kinds of hair brushes suit your frizzy hair. Source: YouTube 

5 Best Treatments For Frizzy Hair  

1. Don’t forget to condition your hair 

One of the most vital treatments for frizzy hair is conditioner. When you skip hair conditioner, you help the air moisture to open up your hair cuticles more easily and make your hair frizzy. Therefore, using a hair conditioner is a way to provide your hair with essential oils. A tip for you is that you should apply hair conditioners that include glycerin and hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil or shea butter. 

Coconut oil and shea butter hair conditioner is good for frizzy hair. Source: Fizzy Fuzzy 

2. Brush your hair regularly

Brushing sounds simple, but the benefits from it can actually surprise you. When you brush your hair, make sure to brush from the roots to the ends in order to evenly distribute the essential natural oils. In this case, a boar hair brush is excellent in touching your scalp without leaving any chafing. As a result, it will hydrate your hair, help to seal in humidity and get rid of frizzy hair totally. 

3. Use glycerin-packed and sulfate-free shampoo 

Sulfate in shampoo will make your hair strands dehydrated and stripped, which leads to frizzy hair. A shampoo that is glycerin-packed and sulfate-free can save your hair from the outside. By this, your hair is no longer broken thanks to the protective coating.

The best sulfate-free shampoo for hair. Source: Chicly Stylish  

4. Let your hair dry naturally 

Experts recommend that if you are having trouble with frizzy hair, you should let your hair dry naturally till 75% then blow dry it later. When the tremendously hot air focuses on the strands, it will make your hair dehydrated and frizzy. Therefore, you should use the hair dryers as little as possible. 

Do not blow dry hair with hot air. Source: Philly Mag 

5. Sleep with a silk scarf 

When you go to bed at night, your cotton pillow may slip out and absorb all your hair's natural moisture. To prevent that, you should bun your hair up and wrap it with a silk scarf overnight. By doing this, you can maintain the essential oils of your hair effectively. 

Wrap your hair with a silk scarf for bed time. Source: Lewigs 

All the above are the causes and treatments for frizzy hair that ETE Saigon - Hair Happiness wants to show you within today’s blog. If you want to know more informative articles related to hair care routine, don’t hesitate to visit our blogs